Selling the Golf Experience Not the Greens

13245More and more golf players have a holistic approach to the whole experience. Although a good game is at the core of a holiday, sometimes the whole package generates the best memories. The experience can be enhanced with a plentiful of great detailing you might spot after the game has ended.

A good holiday begins with a first class transfer to the desired destination and ultimate service and style. Choose carefully luxurious accommodations with the best course and forget about the burden of taking care of your clubs. Ship them from home, and pick them up at the club together with your chauffeur. Accommodation in a good resort, with top notch course conditions can be completed with state of the art equipped carts, that will offer all the comfort and will keep your senses pampered when you reach the game location. Conditions of the terrain are important too, but when the game is over you want your senses enchanted with other type of experiences. Delicious food in great restaurants, a beautiful evening at the spa and magnificent course bars raise the stars in your memory.

But there are many more outside golf activities or accommodation location that can fill your holiday with good vibes. If you find great pleasure in hiking and trekking through the forests and natural parks, many resorts are located in environments that wait for you to discover them. For the seaside lovers, beautiful islands exist off the coast of Ireland, where boat trips can be arranged, or extreme water sports tried out. This kind of composed activities can be organized when you travel with non-golf players.

The point is to seek out for an experience pack moulded on your personality and activities you like to do, because a game of golf lasts only a few hours, but the memories forever.