Playing Golf in Carlow – Ireland

23147The small town of Carlow can be found just 50 miles from the vibrant city of Dublin and has long been a popular day trip destination. While this town is steeped in rich history and culture, it has much more to offer than simply sightseeing. In fact, Carlow is a major golf destination. Let’s take a look at some of the great opportunities for playing golf in Carlow.

Carlow Golf Club

This enchanting golf club can be found just on the edge of the town and special golf tournaments are regularly held here. Lucky visitors may be able to time their trip to catch one of these exciting events, which would without doubt transform the trip into the vacation of a lifetime. The course itself is naturally draining, which makes it possible to play here all year round and there is also an excellent clubhouse to unwind in afterwards.

Leinster Hills Golf Club

The course here is surrounded by stunning scenery that the designer utilized to full effect. This was the first ever Golf Cross course to be created in Ireland and Leinster Hill Golf Club can be found just a short drive from Carlow.

Carlow Golf Range and Shop

This is a modern driving range that is set at the very foot if the enchanting Killeshin Hills. One of the things that makes Carlow Golf Range so special is that a PGA professional is in residence and visitors will be able to book tuition or group lessons so that they can pick up some new skills, while the onsite shop is also packed with golfing goodies.

Killerig Resort

This four star hotel boasts its own golf resort where people who choose to stay here will have plenty of time to play. There is also an excellent spa to unwind in and a range of other leisure activities are offered at Killerig Resort.