Ireland – Golf Comes of Age in the Emerald Isle

The European 1The Ryder Cup was played in Ireland for the first time, establishing the country as a venue for international class golfing. Actually, Ireland consists of around 300 golf courses, of all kinds and sizes. In fact, as your jet approaches the airport, the first thing that you notice are the several golf courses that surround the capital.

Here are the more important golf courses in the Ireland.


Formerly, the prestigious K Club was a plush private residence, named Staffran House. It was the packaging tycoon Michael Smurfit who developed this luxury house as Ireland’s prime golf venue. It is located in the pristine landscape of County Kildare and consists of 69 luxury bedrooms. Once settled in your exclusive suite, you can sample the world-class links, where golf pros around the world have played.

Other Golf Courses of Repute

Traveling to north western Ireland, you arrive at Fahan, in the scenic County of Donegal, and the reputable North West Golf Course, lying along the banks of Lough Swilly. In fact, Fahan is where golf was played for the first time in Ireland, and so it is also called St Andrew’s of Ireland.

Moving to the western parts of the Emerald Isle, there are some amazing courses such as Tralee, designed by no less than the famous golfer, Arnold Palmer. Actually, it is the most westerly golf course in the entirety of Europe. There is also the Waterville, made famous by Tiger Woods who liked to practice there, to be ready for the Open. No wonder, many professional golfers consider Waterville to be one of the greatest golf courses in the entire world.

Now, it is time to move to Royal County Down golf course that is situated in the Mountains of Mourne, overlooking the spectacular Dundrum Bay. There is also the Old Course of Ballybunion that is among the great courses in Ireland, although it cannot match the length of the more upended courses.

To conclude, it is due to such exemplary golf courses that the Emerald Isle came of age, golf-wise.