Golf Bets – Make Playing Even More Fun

Golf club and ball with a Ten Dollar Bill bet

There are many ways of making a game more interesting. Stories abound on first golfers that were competing for animal skins or other items good as a wager. Nowadays, players bet on money, beers or points. Following, some of the most common bets on a golf game.


Nassau can be played either between individuals or in teams. It is composed of three bets: one for the front nine holes, another for the back nine holes and an additional overall score bet. Stakes can be anything you agree on with the other players. However, if you acknowledge to a €5 Nassau, the earnings for the front holes will be €5, another €5 for the back holes and additional €5 for the round, for a grand total of €15.


Press is a second bet that adds up to the current bet. It is generally used together with the Nassau. It begins before the start of a hole and is worth the same as the original bet. It is brought up to break even in the event of a loss. If you are past the half of a nine hole match and place a press for the next holes, you can avoid losing up the original bet, and balance books with the press.

Skins Game

Skins game is frequently seen on TV. Either you establish a specific value for each skin or each player contributes with a specific amount. The value of the bet is set after you multiply a skin’s value with the 18 holes in the game. On a skin game of €5, the bet value is €90. The players can tie for a hole, and there would be no skin on it. Instead, it will be carried over for the next hole, and the winner would claim two skins.


This is a simple game, just set the value of the rabbit. You hold the rabbit when you win a hole. When you loose, the rabbit gets stolen from you. Winner is the player that holds the rabbit on the 9th or 18th hole.