Baltray Is One of Ireland’s True Golfing Gems

pCounty Louth Golf Club, otherwise called Baltray, is situated in County Louth. Over the years, this course has become a particular favorite with the golfers from America. In fact, it is they who have discovered it and named it a hidden gem among links courses. The purists of golf have gone gaga over the finer points of this amazing track. The Golf Digest has included it among their list of the Top 100 courses in the world. If you happen to be playing golf in the country, you must make it a point to play there.The best par it is hardly an hour’s journey from Dublin.

Lack of Weak Holes

What attracts pro golfers to Baltray is that the course is devoid of any weak holes. However, there are some remarkable challenges that go to enhance the levels of the quality of the play. In fact, the 12th hole, nicknamed the crater, poses a real challenge. It consists of a restricted landing area. Here, the accuracy of shots is critical on the drive as well as approach shots. Once you survive this whole successfully, you will feel like a winner. In the same way, playing the 16th hole also needs a lot of accuracy if you want to make par.

Past is Significant

Baltray is principally a golf course in the old-world mode. The club house often provides accommodations for overnight visitors. These visitors get a good idea of the history as well as the achievements of all those great golfers who became great by playing here. With Baltray, tradition is highly significant as they revere and respect the past and the achievements that go hand in hand. Any person who has gone to the trouble of visiting the club is always welcome there, as they know that he or she is there for the challenge. In addition, if you have a look at club’s visitor’s book, you will find the many golf greats who have visited the County Louth Golf Club, and played the course.